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The Icing On
The Cake

By the 18th Century, while the middle class Georgian wedding was not as an elaborate affair as the Victorians were to make it, their ceremonies were still only for family and close friends. But after the church service, a much more formal meal was planned before the happy couple departed on honeymoon.

With the advantage of improved techniques in cake making, special cakes could now be made and iced.

Icing was a long process involving first of all, much preparation of the sugar.

Sugar came in cones of varying size and purity, only the most pure was used, the cone being chipped into small pieces and then pounded to powder in a large pestle and mortar.

The powdered sugar was mixed with rose water and applied to the cake with feathers, then returned to the oven to dry out the icing.

Decoration was minimal, usually just a sprig of gilded rosemary standing in the centre of the cake, a small bunch of fresh flowers or a small decoration of coloured comfits.

Professionally made sugar paste figures and flowers were used for table decorations at banquets and feasts so we have used a bit of poetic license on my wedding cakes and transposed home-made sugar pieces for decoration.